Fourth Of July Fourth For The Negros Analysis

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The meaning of July fourth for the negro’s is a speech. Fredrick Douglass had produced it and created it. Fredrick Douglass had wrote the speech in the pre-civil war decade in 1850-1860. This speech was created in July the fifth in 1852. This speech was created for the slaves because what was the slaves for, for the Fourth of July.
This speech was about slavery and what is slavery to the Fourth of July. Fredrick Douglass is basically saying that what does the Fourth of July mean to the slaves and how does it concerned to them. Fredrick Douglass was writing this speech for the Declaration of Independence and for the national independence. The main topic about this speech was that the independence and the great principles of political of freedom. Fredrick was talking about how the nation seems equally hideous and revolting. An how America’s is the false to the past and the present.
I believe the author wants his readers to know about the Fourth of July for the negro’s. He want the readers to know that the Fourth of July is for the slaves. Why do I think so because the author is basically asking what is the Fourth of July is for the negro’s. Fredrick Douglass wanted to know what is Fourth of July for the slaves and how is it their month. There are time where Americans reigns with out rivals.
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Fredrick Douglass had said” what is American slave, is your Fourth of July”. “ a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in a year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim” what he is saying that is that slave did not do anything for July fourth and basically was a sham. The readers would learn that Africa American was treated differently because of there skin color. They should see how Fredrick Douglass felt when this is going

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