Fourth Of July Research Paper

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My Fourth Of July WOW. That is what most people say when they see the crazy ,dangerous firework show we put on. It was a hot sunny blue sky day. It was July second and for the fourth of July our cousins were coming to stay with us. Every fourth of July my family spends a lot of money on fireworks. We always invite friends and family over. Also we have a mini show on the night before. It is always so much fun. My cousins have finally arrived. First there’s the hugging and how are you kinda thing. Second, they unpacked, then the adults talked and Emma ( my sister), Hannah, Jack (my cousins) and I did our own thing. The next day as we got up and remembered that our parents said we could go swimming in our blow up pool. Later that evening…show more content…
That meant fireworks. Early in the morning we got ready for our big crazy show. As the night began people started coming over, first we started with some sparklers. Soon the show started. My mom set out a soft, warm cozy blanket to sit on while we watched the show. Me and the older girls took glow sticks and made necklaces for the younger kids. Poof poof poof. That’s literally what one set of fireworks sounded like. The grass poked through the blanket feeling like a needle poking us while we watched fireworks go up into the dark sky. “That was amazing” Hanna yelled. It was an amazing night. Finally people started to leave. I went inside all tired from all the excitement. I went downstairs to watch the boring movie that had started. Me and Hannah talked and finally we all fell asleep. The next morning as we were all awake and eating breakfast, my mom and dad said that we have to clean up little cardboard pieces off the ground. Finally, after we picked up enough pieces of cardboard to please my mom we went inside to get dressed. Soon it was time for my cousins to go. After they were packed I gave hugs to my aunt,uncle,Hannah, and Jack. As they left I started to remember all the good times we 've had at my house, like the time we had an epic snowball fight or the time we had a picnic. But I know they’re always going to come
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