Fourth Of July Short Story

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Fourth of July

Friendship is more about the small moments then the big moments in life. I was in 6th grade at the time she still in 5th, same age though.
Best friends.
Her name being Chloe, and mine being Cara. She has medium length brown hair just like mine. Blue eyes, me having brown. We both have a great sense of fashion. At the time, we would have known each other for twelve years. Sounds like best friends to me.

We had a boat at the time and we used it to go on it for the Fourth of July. We launch our boat on Okauchee Lake. That lake is amazing. The sunset in the distance looks like a fire with a cheese curd in the middle. The little houses look like little dots in the distance. Soon fireworks would be bursting ahead like little
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I finally got out of the water after talking to Chloe for a while about how nice and perfect this night was she says. “How can this day get any better” Chloe asked? “I don’t think it can.” I say
After sitting on the boat looking out into the waveless lake with a fiery sunset behind it, we decided to end the day with one last cannonball. Holding hands, we jump into the fiery sunset, what a way to end our great day.
After that we decided we wanted to have a jumping contest, we invited our brothers of course, Ben saying “of course” Nathan saying “sure why not”. Chloe and I start laying down the law, starting with “if any part of your body touches the water you 're out” Chloe says, after we lay down the law we start jumping starting with the tube as close to the boat as it can go.
We all make it the first, second, and third round but then at the fourth round Chloe, Ben, and I all made it but Nathan did not. His feet hit the water like a bird diving for fish, so slight but you could still see it. The water hauls him in, almost forces him in, holding on for dear life, Nathan’s hands slip, the water won the game of tug a war they were playing. Nathan bobs his head up and says “I’m okay” we all laugh, like baby birds chirping for food. The rest of them jump they all make it. Then it happens I jump and my feet barely hit the water. My heart dropped like it was the end, but then I realized that it wasn’t the end. I get out of the water, with the sound of Chloe voice saying “ you
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