Fourth Of July Speech Analysis

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It is important that every American reads What to the Slave is the Fourth of July (1852) by Frederick Douglass because, it causes the reader to think about the Nation we live in as Americans. The speech makes the reader think about the patriotic holiday The Fourth of July, a day for celebration for all Americans of different ethnicities today. Unfortunately in the past not everyone could join the celebration, the Declaration of Independence which was published in July of 1776 was written by the Founding Fathers which includes, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and many more brave men. The importance of the Declaration of Independence is that it granted America the freedom from Great Britain. Frederick Douglass gave this speech in Rochester New York at a rally to share his opinion on the…show more content…
Douglass shines a light on the people of American history that don’t seem to be talked about, the slaves. As a former slave he understands how they are feeling and as a free man he used his voice to speak for them in a way that is so powerful. In his speech he explains that the excitement and joy that goes along with an event like this isn’t for people of his kind, it’s truly for the people that already had freedoms and basic human rights. To express his views he writes, “The freedom gained is yours; and you, therefore, may properly celebrate this anniversary. The fourth of July is the first great fact in your nation’s history- the very ring-bolt in the chain of your yet undeveloped destiny” (Douglass, 1027). The importance behind Douglass’ speech is that he is showing us that we should also think about others. The caucasian men and women already had their freedom way before the Declaration of Independence was signed, while their celebrations of freedom were occurring, hundreds of thousands of slaves were still praying and wishing for
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