Fourway Crash Research Paper

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The time I was in a fourway crash, wait, did I say I was in a fourway crash? No, the time I was almost in a fourway crash, was about noon on a school bus. It was on SIC road heading back to school. I am going to tell you about my adventure at SIC first, It was a pretty day felt good looked good, you couldn’t ask for a better day. Once we got to SIC we were greeted and told us where we would be going to see our classes that we sign up for. After they told us we split up into groups and went to our class. I was heading to the criminal justice classroom, with my friends Justice, and Justin. Once we got to class we sat down and started to talk about tactics on what to do in different situations. Then we turned on this simulator that lets you act and feel like you are in a real situation.…show more content…
We were heading down SIC road when this junker truck came behind us it had a sprite box inside the radiator it was funny everybody on the bus was laughing I later found out that the sprite box was keeping the radiator warm. Then this old couple in this old lincoln was pass us and harrisburg bus, I looked in front of the bus to see if there were any cars and there we two right in front of our bus and they were right at the back of our bus. The whole bus was about to witness a head on crash with three cars and maybe even us since it was happening right next to us, but the two cars pulled off onto the side of the road really fast. The lincoln did not even try to get out of the way, as soon as they passed us the stomped on the gas and was gone never seen then again.
The time that I was almost in a fourway crash, would have been my first car crash. I have never been in a car crash, but I have been in a four wheeler, and dirt bike crash before. I was the one driving in those crashes. Beware of old people passing school buses, they could have taken of two busloads of students and maybe maybe even two families in the
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