Fox: A Silent Era Mogul

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Fox; A Silent Era Mogul
The invention of cinema was an international contribution that took years of discoveries and inventions to develop. An accumulation of creativity, innovation and monetary desire started the film industry in the early 19th Century, and is what maintains it’s thriving success in the 21st. Many people had significant impacts on the development of cinema, one of them William Fox. Fox, along with multiple other executives, helped to create the basic structure of Hollywood’s studio system during the 1910s (textbook), a foundational impact on today’s industry as we know it.
William Fox, the founder of Fox Films, was born Wilhelm Fried in Tulchva, Hungary on the 1st of January 1879, and was a man of boundless visionary inventiveness
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Even though Fox was a raging success in the Silent Era, he was ready to move forward, which he is able to do by 1929. By this time, Fox had come close to controlling the entire motion picture industry.
“His Fox Film Corporation had grown from a $1600 investment into a globe-spanning $300 million empire; he also held patents to the new sound-on-film process.”
William Fox was thriving, but unfortunately he was forced into a series of power and financial struggles because of the stock market crash. These struggles ended with Fox ejected from management of his own company in 1930. In 1935, his former studio merged with Darryl F. Zanuck 's powerhouse, 20th Century Pictures. The 25-year lifespan of the Fox Film Corporation was a strong one, and Fox’s impact on the industry did not end after his ousting.
20th Century Fox began an unprecedented run of unforgettable movies that continue to this day, making some of the worlds highest grossing films in history.
Fox had a vast impression on the form and content of motion pictures, having contributed to the art, technology and business of film. As the 20th Century Fox website states

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