Fox Chase Cancer Center Case Analysis Paper

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which flows out of the facility to third party payers’, management is able to determine if the facility is receiving proper payment for services that are rendered to the patients. Administrative staff are able to review denied services and determine how the facility can maximize revenue while still providing adequate care to the patient population. In my opinion, through the use of analytics, Fox Chase Cancer Center has progressed by continuing to partner with scientist through many innovative research opportunities within the facility to better treat our cancer patients in providing access to clinical trials and multidisciplinary care. Fox Chase Cancer Center has developed administrative strategies and tools that ensure collected data shows accuracy and validity. They have also utilized analytics to assess readmission rates of their patients and provide and analysis of care needed during the post-acute…show more content…
As the facility begins to expand the services lines provided within the organization they could also recruit top physicians and other clinicians who specialize in oncology and other services. The organization could potentially expand the hospital so that it can provide more beds and private rooms for patients who come to the facility to receive their oncologic care. The hospital can continue to participate in and advance research opportunities that will propel the organization as the number one competitor and innovator of cancer research. Fox Chase Cancer Center takes the initiative to invest in its employees by provides continuing education opportunities for its clinical staff to ensure continued professional growth. This is an awesome tactic to maintain a low employee turn-over rate. It shows that management is willing to invest in its employees as well as invest in the
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