Fox Games Visual Analysis

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I decided to choose Sandy Skoglund’s “Fox Games” for my critique paper. It is a photograph of artist’s installation, Fox Games by Sandy Skoglund. Skoglund is a contemporary artist who most famous in her photographs and sculptures. “Fox Games was originally exhibited in 1989 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris as part of a photography exhibition titled, “150 Years: The Invention of an Art.” (Macmillian, 2009). Sandy Skoglund was born on September 11, 1946, in Weymouth, Massachusetts. She studied both art history and studio art at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and received her BA degree in Studio Art in 1968. Then she went to the University of Iowa for a Master of Fine Arts Degree. She was interested in a variety of artistic disciplines…show more content…
The tables have a long gray, flowing tablecloths to make the scene look fabulous. I notice that each table contains a woven, wooden basket full of thick breadsticks, bentwood chairs. The shape of the chair curves into a heart in the middle, which brings elegance to the room. The windows and the tablecloths have a repetition of vertical lines; I can see curving lines on the chair backs. There is a chandelier in the middle hang from the ceiling and eight lighted candles on it. Some tables have salt and pepper shakers. A picture is placed on the wall on the left and near to customers. It seems to be an empty…show more content…
Then finally, she photographs the set. "Sandy Skoglund Talks about Fox Games” on the YouTube, Skoglund says, “The fox was sculpted molds from plastalene, an oil-based clay used by automobile designers for model making.” She cast the foxes in plaster, painted them gray. She painted the furniture, walls, floor, and ceiling with a matte pigment. She arranged the set with foxes and furniture. She hung some foxes with heavy duty invisible wire to make it look like they are floating and moving through space.
In the Fox Games, the viewers are physically immersed in the work of art as they are able to wander through the installation. “I use familiar space…and elements like furniture to take viewers out of the museum and place them in…a place that feels familiar to them. Then I interfere with that reality by changing the elements, changing them in terms of materials, Skoglund says. Her artworks often take the ordinary and make it into an almost dreamlike
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