Foxy: A Short Story

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The whiteness had evaporated from your vision and everything had reappeared again; Springtrap, BB, Mangle, Foxy, you, but there was only one phantom missing from this scene. 'Chica, she 's vanished. Did... I kill her? How can I kill a ghost? ' You gazed at the floor and noticed no remains of said Phantom, it was like committing the perfect crime, well almost, there were plenty of witnesses. All of them looked distraught, especially Foxy. Springtrap looked at you as if you were a stranger and it hurt you deeply. "Why ye '! Who even are ya '! Ye ' killed Chica!" Foxy 's white pupils were blinded by rage. He was screeching and stomping at the checkered-tiled floor, releasing his mad tantrum. "Foxy, enough!"…show more content…
Why is it so foggy again? ' You cast a worried glance and searched around deep in the fog. You couldn 't see anything, not a tree, not a rock, not even the ground! It was just an endless void of fog! "Hello?!" You called out, confused. "Hopefully, I wake up soon." You kept trudging around until you found a path, purple splotches on the 'ground '. 'Finally, something! ' You didn 't care if this was a trap, at least it was something. Plus, you were confident that this was only just a dream. Follow me. 'Oh God. ' You angrily thought, stopping in your tracks. The same shadowy bear as before spawned a few meters in front of you. You gasped, realizing what this meant. Follow me. "I 'll follow you, damn it! Just stop!" You ran past the bear and kept following the path of splotches before you, however, due to the fog, you couldn 't see what 's ahead. Suddenly, the fog disappeared and you exited out of a forest. Your feet dragged themselves through the new found snow until you reached a cliff. Snowflakes were falling and ahead of the cliff, there was nothing. 'Ah, what now? ' You pondered before screaming at a painful force jabbing your side. You were pinned to the snowy ground and you twist and flailed at your captor 's grip. "Let go of me!" You commanded before actually focusing your vision
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