Fr Arrupe Analysis

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When reading this excerpt from Fr. Arrupe, the Prayer for Generosity immediately begins to ring in my head. Each morning at 8:00, I would stand in unison with my peers and speak these words, only to later understand the greater meaning behind them. “To give and not to count the cost,” - this particular line comes to mind when I recall what it means to be men and women with and for others. This ideal of true altruism suggests that one performs tasks for others without seeking praise, reward, or acknowledgement. There in an emphasis on selflessness in the words of Fr. Arrupe, for he states that being a man or woman for others means believing that love of self or of God, which isn't based on justice for those most in need, is a mockery. It is a blessing to…show more content…
He drove fast; all the windows down, blasting music - the epitome of a teenage boy who had only had their license for a year. The commute home was all to familiar; each road blending into one long stretch of stoplights and taillights. We found ourselves at the final stoplight before the bridge, and I saw a man pacing up and down the concrete island with his hand cupped and eyes down. Noah immediately reached into the console, took out all of his spare change and stuck his hand out the window. Cars behind us began to honk as the light turned green, but Noah was patient and waited until the man came over and took the change before speeding off. After a brief moment of silence he asked me why I had a particular expression on my face, and I explained that I would have been scared to have a stranger come so close to my car and I would have not wanted to keep the drivers behind me waiting at the light. All he said to me was, “Sam, he is a person just like you and I”, and we continued the rest of the drive in
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