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Fr. Pedro Arrupe’s motto “educating men and women for others “sends a strong message about putting others before yourself which is key in having a fulfilling, complete life. Through his statement, I believe Fr. Pedro Arrupe is clear about the Jesuit beliefs in building an educational foundation that encourages students to conduct unselfish acts to promote kindness above all else. Throughout my years at Bellarmine College Preparatory the Jesuit focus has been to give back to the others who need help, to better others is the ultimate goal.

One such person who has touched my life and best demonstrates these values of working for justice for the least of their neighbors is Ed. Ed works as the lead kitchen guy who works in the cafeteria at my high school. I began my friendship with Ed my freshman year at Bellarmine while I worked service hours in the cafeteria. From the start Ed is super easy to talk to and is one of the hardest workers in a job that is thankless, cooking and cleaning the cafeteria for us high school boys. I have witnessed Ed’s everyday acts of kindness and how these actions benefited others that surround him. The act that stood out most
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I have looked up to Ed during my time at Bellarmine, each time I work with him I always find myself wanting to work harder and help others just like he does every day and I am most grateful to know such a man like Ed during my high school years. Ed is a true role model, who has made me realize that no matter what your job is in life, most important is the job to serve others that are less fortunate than you and expect nothing in return. As my senior comes to a close, I reflect on the foundation of the Jesuit beliefs that have been taught to me and know that the Jesuit ways are important to live by. Both the Jesuit teachings and my special friend Ed have influenced me to continue to be a man for and with others in my
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