Fracking Benefits

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We nowadays are in demand of many different resources. To have these resources, people use some modern technologies which is efficient but may be costly. Moreover, these processes may release some impacts on our environment. In this assignment, I will write about fracking with it 's influences on air quality.

Fracking is responsible for not only water quality but also for air quality since fracking frees some unhealthy chemicals to the air. Therefore, the ones who get the most negative effects are people who live gas drilling because the gas is taken by blowing off the water, sand, and chemical underground to destroy shale deposits. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) pointed out that the air polluted by fracking could causes several diseases, especially cancer.
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However, if its negative side overwhelms the its benefits, we may should consider a safer ways for people who get affected by it, but not for just economy. People, especially children should get education about the toxic air emitted from fracking. We should also be cautious about the risks of explosions if accidents may happen. It not only causes damages around the place where people and their children lives, but also releases a great amount of methane

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