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In recent years there has been a big issue on fracking in Oklahoma. This is an issue that only continues to get worse. The oil company, , by residents has been blamed for many of these earthquakes. Within the past month, there have been more and more issues. In Edmond Oklahoma, there was a big earthquake, which provoked residents to sue the company for $28 million in damages. Fracking has changed daily Oklahoman’s lives, from their property to their income. Fracking History In 1907, when the first oil well was drilled, which was before statehood, the abundance of oil seemed to draw everyone to Oklahoma, to make a small fortune in oil. Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was once dubbed the oil capital of the world, has a small structure still dedicated to its oil days, the Golden Driller, pictured below. Before 2009 Oklahoma went from 2 earthquakes a year, To 2 a day. Now, the central state is now ranked No. 1 in the world, as of November 11th 2015, for earthquakes.This spike in earthquakes, is due to the need for oil, the fracking has been used more and more, but the companies won’t replace the…show more content…
Recently, on January 7th 2016, there was an earthquake caused by fracking, in Oklahoma, where earthquakes are rare. This particular quake was a 4.8 on the Richter Scale, which is the highest ever recorded. It occurred in the center of the state, was felt all over. Also, within the past week, there have been more than 20 quakes all over the state. in recent years, since 2011, earthquakes have occurred more and more often. My experience, is, there have been several quakes that i have experienced, but I have only felt one. The one I felt was in March of 2015, was at approximately 2am, and woke me up. It felt like the house was shaking, or someone, a grown man perhaps, was walking down the hallway of our 2-story house. My dad, being raised in California, was freaked out and told everyone to get in the door

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