Fracking Persuasive Essay

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With the rise of natural gas on the market, and shale oils becoming last week’s news, fracking companies are looking towards the gas for their next money pot. Hydraulic fracturing leaves acres of farmland contaminated and the people on that land sick. Should Fracking companies get the ability to continue their endeavors fracking for natural gas, then many more wells will pop up all across the company, destroying the land and contaminating the inhabitants who live there. Overall, The U.S. shouldn’t bother with allowing major fracking companies to frack for natural gas, for the U.S. runs the risk of: the major usage of natural resources, major land damage, and an increase of sick people. With these many problems that fracking causes, there…show more content…
There have been many recent studies viewing an increased number of earthquakes in areas affected by fracking. According to the article Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing, the injected fluids can reach a critical point and can cause a shift in tectonic plates. The frack water injected into the shale has shown to have the ability to shift the earth above causing minor fractures in the rock around the drilled area, which can result in major increases in earthquakes in the fracked area. According to the article Natural Gas Drilling: Impacts of Fracking on Health, the high pressure used to fracture the shale below can continue the cracks, allowing the frack water to flow into the drinking water. This shows how fracking can spread the contaminated water into the drinking supply and cause economic loss from civilian sickness. On the other hand, the amount of earthquakes recorded have been minor in number in areas affected by shale drilling. However, that point is not important because of the overall increase in earthquakes in the area has increased to a number beyond what that area has

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