Fracking Problems

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The earth is heating up 500 billion tons of ice will collapse. Then one and a half feet of sea level will rise and then the water would move 150 feet inland in Florida. If this keeps up the world will slowly but surely heat up. Without humans trying to help the environment the world could flood. Some of the problem is Human responsibility and how it is ruining the earth and how the environment and nature will fall because of Global Warming. A lot of people have admitted to human responsibility for global warming. Some of the reason is fracking. Fracking is when the process of injecting liquid at high pressure to force open cracks in the ground to extract oil or gas. Fracking combines to produce 50% of CO2 into the earth 's atmosphere. However fracking basins…show more content…
These problems are not going to fix themselves without help the plant will warm up 0.6 celsius without any greenhouse gases influence. According to meteorologists from 1890 to 1990 temperatures have risen 0.72 degrees fahrenheit to 1.26 degrees fahrenheit. In fact through the 20th century global temperatures have rises 1.4 degrees fahrenheit which could lead to surface temperatures increasing. There has been efforts to help with global warming considering from 1998 to 2009 $99 billion dollars have been spent on climate change. Therefore these effects could be substantial. Scientists believe that the destruction of trees is a adding reason to the cause of global warming. Also the IPCC has estimated that if the climate rises 1.5 degrees celsius to 2.5 degrees celsius that 20% to 30% of plants would have high risks of extinction. The same would go for animals if the temperature continue to increase the same percentages of animals could face extinction as well. Now in the last 50 years heat waves, droughts, and flood have all increased. 125 billion tons of ice melt per year and that is enough to rise sea levels 0.35 millimeters a
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