Fracking Pros And Cons Essay

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Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a method used access the natural gas that exist in the shale formation layer which is around 6000 feet below ground, in a cost effective way. After fracking horizontally, they blast the water mixed with salt and chemicals into the bedrock. Due to high level of pressure shale is cracked and the gas bubble is released. Natural gas flows back to the well head at the surface. This method of gas extraction has never previously been used on such a wide scale as its being used now. In the reading “Fracking: Pro and Con” by Gail Bambrick we are able to analyze both the pros and cons of fracking as discussed by Bruce Everett and John Rumpler respectively. Health issue is the primary concern of fracking. Due to the emission of harmful gases like benzene the area where fracking is done is becoming cancer cluster areas. Injecting large amount of water into the earth’s layer is not without danger, media, and journals have highlighted the potential risk factors due to fracking. Earthquake being one of the main problem prompted by loss of stability in earth…show more content…
Fracking Company gave millions of American new job opportunity. Although Everett argues that it’s not hard to properly release gas from shale without polluting waterbeds, Studies have showed the methane in drinking water near drilling areas. Fracking seems an example of negative externalities and missing business sector signs, to which the suitable reaction is unrealistic to be either forbiddance. Rumpler kind of agrees towards the end of reading that the banning would not be a great idea but surely we should not think of expanding this business. If they do ban, price on natural gas, heating price will all go up as Everett

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