Fractal Robot Research Paper

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Rashmi Chaudhari1, V.H.Bansode2
1 Department of Mechanical engineering,SKNCOE Pune
2 Department of Mechanical engineering,SKNCOE Pune, ABSTRACT
Fractal Robots is an emerging new service that promises to revolutionize every aspect of human technology. Fractal robots are objects made from cubic bricks that can be controlled by a computer to change shape and reconfigure themselves into objects of different shapes. These cubic motorized bricks can be programmed to move and shuffle themselves to change shape to make objects like a house potentially in a few seconds. This technology has the potential to penetrate every field of human work like construction, medicine,
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Also Fractal Robots have built-in self repair which means they can continue without human intervention.

Keywords: Fractal, Fractal Robots ,Fractal Bus
1.1 What Are Fractals?
Fractals are never ending matters which are created by repeating same procedure again and again.They have self similarity in the structure.Wherever you look at any part of its body it will be similar to the whole object.

(a)Natural fractals (b)Manmade Fractals Fractal antennas
1.2 Fractal Robots:
A Fractal Robot physically resembles itself according to the definition above.Fractal robots are the objects made of cubic bricks having some electronics in them. They can reconfigure themselves and can be controlled by computer.These are the machines that can change their shape from one object to
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Using Fractal Robots will help in saving economy, time etc.
4. The fractal geometry science in this new era is proven to be flexible and efficient.
5. The applications of fractals in various fields has been proposed and analyzed.
6. They can be used even for the most sensitive tasks. Also the raw materials needed are cheap, making it affordable for developing nations also.


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