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It is essential to view others’ frame of reference in order understand what others perceive to be able to develop and succeed. I have analyzed my thoughts, feelings, and actions through my frame of reference. I will use my positive traits to further develop them and I plan to turn my negative traits into positive ones to be able to succeed in any field of my preference. However, I have identified many positive and negative traits I obtain and I have narrowed them down to one positive and one negative trait at a time. I am highly skilled at taking responsibility, but I lack the patience, and I plan to practice that by using others frame of reference of time. I have learned to master responsibility given multiple tasks of being a student, mother, and a wife. I learned to master responsibility after I had my first child in my first year of college. It was very difficult to be a mother, wife, and an honors student. I started procrastinating because I felt exhausted most of the time and I would not do homework. As a result, my GPA dropped and I am unable to get financial aid until I raise my GPA to the minimum required by the federal regulations. As an adult, I learned the hard way that there are no excuses for being…show more content…
I have identified taking responsibility as my positive trait and impatience as my negative trait. In addition, I plan to use the frame of reference to respect others’ time and get a broader view of how others’ consider time. The next time I go to school to pick up my son, I will practice using those parents’ frame of reference to comprehend that their time is as valuable as mine. Frame of reference has become essential in helping me overcome my impatience. However, I plan to succeed in the business field, and that requires a lot of responsibility and much more
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