Frame Theory

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Frame analysis faces unresolved problems and tensions in at least five central areas: the conceptualization of ideology, identifying the manifestation of the frame, the distinctions between discourse and material resources, the micro-macro linkages in the framing process, and the difficulties of maintaining frame fidelity and alignment. Defining the ideology and its relationship to the framing: Framing theorists have united over the definitions of the framing and ideological process, but the differences or relation between the two concepts are still left unclear. Benford, Snow and their respective colleagues had long researched to define the relationship between the two but unfortunately ended up with vague conclusions. They suggested that…show more content…
Framing theory speaks both of a process of representation and the particular signifiers or manifestations of this process. Goffman himself argued that frames were vibrant, and were capable of mixing into one another. However, frame analysts tend to illustrate frames, in practice if less so than in theory, as relatively stable systems of meaning. The representation of a frame as a separate text, however, is a rectification of different and irregular discourse processes. Often such work portrays a particular configuration of statements, symbols, and meanings as an example of underlying and enduring collective understandings produced in extended ideological struggles. The epistemological assumptions behind such representations are that the rationality of the elements establishing the frame map to some corresponding consistency in a belief system. This is seen as particularly important for purposes of frame alignment. However, the presupposition is that this framing discourse is an internally stable enough tool for the communication of meaning so that interpretive strategies for mobilization and action are possible. In many of their analyses, frame analysts also assume some isomorphism between their abstractions and the ways in which people actually use framing…show more content…
As recent work argues, the real link between micro and macro movement processes occurs at the meso level, between the individual and the broad macro context. However, the exact ties at this level between the talk of interaction and social construction of issues in the public domain remain uncertain in framing theory. William Gamson's path-breaking work on political talk suggests a composite issue-oriented process by which people combine media speeches, popular speeches, and personal descriptions to frame political issues. He argues that people selectively combine these three based on their proximal relations to and uses of each type of discourse for a particular issue. However, Gamson does not provide an particularised theory as to when people find it most reasonable and conceivable to combine such distinctive speeches into clear

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