Framing In Once Upon A Time

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Framing of text as a whole: Framing is a device used to restrict the meaning in order to convey a particular interpretation to the mind of the reader/listener (Lakoff, 2004). In the present research, the Framing of text of Once Upon A Time has been analyzed as a whole. It has been evaluated how the content of the text has been presented and what sort of perspective the writer has taken in the short story. The analysis provided the data which have been used both at the macro level of text analysis to reveal the ‗big picture‘of the representation of racism and at the micro level to explore the role of the linguistic devices in the short story under analysis. The writer has used the following linguistic devices for the construction of particular frames. Closely connected to critical thinking is discourse analysis and the ideology embedded within the text. When an author expresses an opinion, it is a political act because it shows a certain standpoint. Authors make choices in terms of language and content. This presupposes the assumptions of the writer. This story voices opinion against racial discrimination and violence. Racial discrimination leads to violence and…show more content…
In the story family was warned against some miss happening by the wise old witch who was the mother of husband. Actually the family was warned against the black people who were living there in a pathetic condition. They were unemployed and they had started robberies in the suburb. In the whole short story pathetic condition of black people is highlighted by the author. Nadine Gordimer had tried to represent a neutral view about the South African society. She had showed blacks as such people who are involved in robberies only because of unemployment. Riots were started in that area. No one gave jobs to them. Stereotypical image of black people was there in the minds of white people. That’s why they degraded them and gave them jobs of gardeners and
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