Franci Francis Cassavant Character Analysis

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When creating a character in a book or a movie the director or author has to decide if they want the character to be bad or good grumpy or happy eta.. In the case of Luke skywalker and Francis they are two totally different characters with different goals in mind and how they will meet those goals. One character is a hero and one is a anti-hero which is which.

Luke Skywalker is a young man who lives on a farm with his parents. He wants to go out and see the universe and what it has to offer. He gets his chance when two droids are bought by his father and one of the droids has a message from a princess in distress named Princess Leia. I find luke to be a hero he learns how to become a Jedi and does all the good he can with the force. He saves countless lives by destroying the death star and pushing back the evil dark side. So the rebels have a better chance of success in defeating the dark side so everyone can live free and happy lives in the star wars universe.
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He Joins the army to fight the Germans but while in combat in a town a grenade is thrown and he jumps on top of it so he could end his life. The grenade does not kill him and he is left deformed and is sent back to his home town named French Town. While there he sets off to find a childhood hero of his named Larry Lasalle so he can kill him. Francis is a anti-hero because of his motive and because he doesn 't really save anyone 's life or change anyone’s quality of life for the better. The only mission he has is to kill Larry and that 's it. I find him to be a anti-hero because of these

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