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The story of Francine and Chez was inspired when my younger son, Herman was in the second grade. Have you ever thought about how you and your best friend became friends? Friends are always kind to each other. They never try to get you to do anything that your parents would not approve of you doing. They are respectful to themselves, to their parents, to your parents, to other adults, as well as to you. This book is dedicated to all boys and girls who enjoy reading and to those who enjoy listening to books being read to them. Thank you to my family and friends for your words of encouragement. Thank you for expressing your belief in in my ability to share my creativity with the world. Very special thanks go to my sons, Arkos and Herman, Jr. for your love and untiring support in seeing this labor of love to the end.

Francine, The Fish And Chez, The Cat The Story of An Unlikely Friendship

Francine, The Fish played along the shore. She never joined the other fish as they went Splish, Splash in the beautiful blue ocean!
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Chez played along the shore keeping a watchful eye on Francine. Chez shouted: “Hey, Francine!” “How’s the water?” All of the other fish bobbed up and down because they were shocked to see Francine so close to the water. Francine replied, “Come join me, Chez!” Francine swam ahead as Chez followed quickly. Francine, The Fish made wide, wide circles as she swam under water and resurfaced. The fish and the cat were having lots of fun! Francine told Chez he was the best friend any fish could ever have! The volleyball and basketball games had stopped! Everyone was watching Francine, The Fish and Chez, The Cat swim! They had fun, fun, fun and even more fun!!! They were such a sight to see! Yes, indeed Francine, The Fish and Chez, The Cat were best friends of an unlikely

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