Francis Bacon: An Influential Thoughts Of Study By Francis Bacon

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Francis Bacon is one of the most influential writers and he was the first person to ever write an essay and the essay was about studying. Francis is one of the greatest intellects of all time he was a child prodigy knowing thirteen languages and being able to get a PhD and also to be a government official. Francis Bacon invented the scientific method so that we can begin to learn more and be able to know more without just relying on the church to tell the people everything. Francis Bacon enjoyed studying a lot and he decided that there was three things that studies serve for Delight, Ornament, and ability. Francis says that studying can be used for delight when you are resting and alone. Francis says that studying can also be used for ornament when you are talking and being able to show that you are intelligent. Lastly Francis states that studying can be used for ability you can use to make you better at business and your judgment and how you handle your money. When reading “Of Studies” Francis tells us what studies work for as if in a way to encourage others to study more. When Francis began the essay he started off by naming all the things that studying is used for the first in is delight. When talking about delight Francis Bacon is expressing how much studying can delight a person. The examples that he uses is that it is best to study when you are in privateness so that you can be able to absorb all that you are reading and to be able to get the most out of the studies.

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