Francis Coppola's Apocalypse Now And Heart Of Darkness

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Not the End
Francis Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness’s are two magnum opuses to quest the evil and virtuous human nature. They have some similar and different places among the story plots, characterizations, and environments. At the same time, they reflect the exploration of the human nature in a different era and the exploration is not the end. At the beginning, the two works have plentiful the same “story” (Dorall 303). Heart of Darkness tells a story about Marlow, a young captain. He reserves a commission to research Kurtz who is an ivory trader, who works for a Belgian trading company and loses in the Congo jungles. Apocalypse Now’s background is Vietnam War. An American captain Willard gets a mission to find and kill an unsound US Special Forces colonel—Kurtz. Although the two stories’ contexts are not the same, the trucks are similar. The two different occupations protagonists all trip up the rivers on travelling on the rivers, the Congo River and the Nung River, to unfold the quest to attain a vision of their self-nature. Conrad’s
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The two works what to tell that people return to the wild, gain self-awareness, and enhance their moral strength (Berthoud 289). Although their story plot, characterization, and environment have some similar or different parts, they all study the evil and virtuous human nature is affected by the traditional civilized moral standard. Coppola’s film follows the footsteps of Conrad’s novella. Even Heart of Darkness bases on the colonial period and Apocalypse Now relies on the Vietnam War. There is no doubt that Apocalypse Now is an adaption of Heart of Darkness, bur also is a continual the new exploration of human nature. In a nutshell, the studying of human nature is a permanent topic without end. In the future era, people will have new reflections of human
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