Eugenics Movement In The Early 1900's

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Do you think our society would strive if we eliminated those with bad traits? What if we only accelerated the people who can make a living for themselves and not have to depend on others? This would make our country grow right? Well during this movement, that took place in the early 1900’s, these questions were analyzed and experimented. People like Francis Galton and Charles Darwin believed that taking the hereditary genes from strong, well minded, citizens would benefit the human race as a whole. Little did they know, they were slowly leading to the downfall of our nation. The word “Eugenics” was coined by Francis Galton. The term comes from the greek roots that mean “good” and“origin”. In other words, the word means “good birth”, which refers to…show more content…
The Eugenics Movement began when Francis Galton wanted to explore if society and culture in a country would excel if the powerful, distinguished genes were to be passed down. Through his theories, he wanted to prove that the human race can be more intelligent and stronger. The overall goal was for those genes to be passed down through generations overtime. Francis Galton was half cousins with Charles…show more content…
The purpose of the movement, led by Francis Galton and Charles Darwin, was to better the nation through using the intelligent and strong genes of individuals and eliminating those that were not fit to be apart of society. To further their research, they created laws that sterilized around 64,000 people in an attempt to only allow suitable citizens to reproduce and have those traits be passed down from generation to generation. Currently, North Carolina is trying to issue justice to the victims of the movement. Therefore, the movement did not benefit our nation and the United States would be stronger if we focused our attention on other issues to improve our
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