Francis Irving Lankey And Arthur Sayles: Song Analysis

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"Spartan teams are bound to win. They 're fighting with a vim. RAH! RAH! RAH!" by Francis Irving Lankey and Arthur Sayles This song was created almost a century ago, and I still hear people singing this song at every Spartan athletic event. In most cases, music is used to show significance to a specific event in someone 's life, or usually used to represent some type of pride you have in your school, team, or country. Music has played important role in American history and has been connecting people for generations. This is important to me because music taught me how to be a diligent worker and never give up on my dreams. As a kid, most of us were exposed to songs such as the ABC 's or theme songs from children 's TV shows. I think I was five-years-old…show more content…
Man, I tell you it was crazy, and everywhere I went people were dancing to the slow down version, the remix, and even the cover made by Detroit artists. Like, once the beat drops, from your baby cousin to your grandma, you 'll see everyone go crazy; getting up dancing. Soulja Boy connected tons of people that summer by creating a song that can get up and dance to. That summer all kinds people,I believe it wasn’t until the ninth grade that certain lyrics and songs that impact my actions. I remember the way the beat dropped, it was slow with a lot of bass and piano keys playing in the background. I believe that song was called Successful by Drake, and at that point I believe that it was more than music it was way I picture my life. During my ninth grade that song play a big role in my success in and out of class. The first day of autumn that year was a very special day for me. It was a Tuesday around 2 o’clock, I was sitting outside of class because my teachers told me to turn down my music, and I didn’t want to. I was so mad because she knew I knew the materials that we were learning that day, but it was outside of that class I discover the song call successful. I mean, I felt

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