Francis Scott Fitzgerald Influences

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Have you ever read a book that changed your opinion on a certain subject, or on the author? Francis Scott Fitzgerald has influenced and possibly changed the opinions of his readers by relating his personal life into a few of his novels. Francis Scott Fitzgerald connects his life into his first two novels, The Beautiful and Damned and This Side of Paradise. He includes important events that occurred all throughout his life; from his childhood until the last years of his life. For example, his biggest influences, his greatest accomplishments, and even the downfall of his life. The most important connection that Fitzgerald makes is his biggest influence, Father Sigourney Fay (“F(rancis) Scott (Key) Fitzgerald”). He includes him in, This Side of Paradise, as Monsignor…show more content…
This Side of Paradise has many connections between Fitzgerald’s early life and his novel. The protagonist, Amory Blaine, grew up following the Catholic traditions and attending Catholic schools, as well as Fitzgerald. They both attended Catholic schools as young men as well. This is where they met their biggest inspirations, Monsignor Darcy and Father Sigourney Fay (This Side of Paradise 7). These inspirational figures pushed Amory and Fitzgerald to become incredible people and writers. They also helped each to become confident in their lives no matter what the situation was. Both individuals attended Princeton University for their collegiate education as well. They were involved in Princeton’s writing club, known as the Triangle Club, where they edited newspapers as well as writing their own articles for the newspaper (This Side of Paradise 56). After they lost interest in schooling, they both enlisted in the United States Army. During their down time while serving, they each wrote their own short story (This Side of Paradise
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