Franciscan Agape Feast

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(This liturgy is specifically developed for use by Franciscans from different orders and different communions who wish to share a “common table”. The Agape Feast can be used as a stand alone liturgy or it can be used at the beginning or end of a shared meal, or interspersed with an order of worship. The liturgy is adapted from the Iona Abbey Worship Book).


As Franciscans, we come from different traditions to follow the journey of Francis and Clare. We come as different people to serve One God, who calls us to unity as the family of God.

Call to The Feast:

Leader: Our of darkness came light
All: And the power of God was revealed
Men: in the running wave and the flowing air,
Women: in the
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Leader: Giving God, you blessed us with saltiness,
All: But we became bland.
Leader: You trusted us with your Word,
All: but we did not keep
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Leader: God, in your mercy:
All: Forgive us.


Leader: Forgiving God, we believe that you have called us
All: to be salt and light;
Leader: that you offer us time and space and strength
All: to begin again.


Leader: Giving and forgiving God,
All. We thank you.

Reader: Have salt in yourself, and be at peace with one another.

Passing the Peace: “Peace and All Good to you” or “Pace e Bene” Giving Thanks for the Week

People are invited to call our single words or brief phrases of thanks for something that happened during the week. A simple response may be used such as “ Generous God, we thank you.”

(Or a short chant may be used instead such as: Glory and gratitude and praise Now let earth to heaven raise. Glory and gratitude and praise These we offer to God. Scripture: Psalm 34:8

Introduction to Sharing the Feast

Reader: We are all invited to the common table to share in an Agage Feast. At this table we come as brothers and sisters in the Holy Family of God. Taste and see that God is
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