Francisco Goya Famous Artist

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One of the famous artists was Francisco Goya. He was a Spanish artist who painted of romantic things. He was also a printmaker. He mainly painted Black paintings. Goya was living in Madrid, Spain his entire life time. He painted things for the court. So basically he was a painter for the court. When he was child, his father influenced him to paint. He was a great painter as well. From that root he got even better and better. When Goya became popular, he started to learn more about famous painters thorough out the world. Later on wards he traveled to Rome from Madrid. Goya took place on an event in Rome. He got prized as a second place. His work was very popular. Suddenly people started to like his paintings. He painted some things about God. Goya was very spiritual to God. After some years he married a famous painter’s daughter. At last some people in the court hired him as an official painter for their court in Rome and also in Madrid. The second famous artist was…show more content…
He had a lot of ideas in his brain that made the world to astonish. He took a lot of notes, stayed during all night thinking what to do. What he should create or paint of. Being a famous artist is kind of hard. They need to be very creative and da Vinci was a creative thinker. The other good part is that he painted the last supper; he was a strong believer and also he read the Bible every day. He mostly designed a lot of things, sculptures. The one of the best thing is that he designed a helicopter. Designing a helicopter is very hard for people now days. After building a helicopter he designed another part the mechanical part of it. Designing during old times was very hard. Now days we people use computers and it is easier to use. During that time they had to sketch out with hand. Da Vinci studied engineer for paintings and building stuffs. At the end he got very sick, after few years later da Vinci died. His art works was very famous such as the Mona
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