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Francisco Goya – Tres de Mayo Francisco Jose de Goya was born on March 30, 1746. He was born in a small town called Fuendetodos that is located in Aragon, Spain. His family later moved to Saragossa, Spain and by the age of 14, he became a student to Jose Luzan, who was a local painter. He found inspiration in the arts of many famous artists and copied their style for many years. While in his teen years, he traveled to Rome and Italy to advance as an artist. In the 1770s, his life changed when he started working for the Spanish royal court. He created portraits of the superiority, and he created art that criticized the public and radical problems of his era. Francisco Goya was one of the greatest artists in history. He was an important Spanish…show more content…
This piece of art confirms the power and the emotional state of everyone that was captured during this horrifying day for Spain. Francisco Goya paints a Spanish worker with his hands up just moments before he was massacred on the hill they call Principe Pio hill. This Spanish man speaks out for all those Spaniards who were murdered. His arms straight out on each said of his head represents Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. He wears a white shirt that represents an angel trying to prove his innocence. Looking to his left, are his friends, family, and companions waiting for their execution. In this artwork, each individual deals with their emotions differently. Some cover their eyes, some of them kneel down and pray, and some look up to the sky, staring to heaven. Now to the right of this man is a pile of Spaniards that have been killed before him and the others. This pile of dead Spaniards shows how this pile of these dead victims will multiply in size quickly. Each victim has fear in their eyes and they stare at their enemies who are directly standing in front of them with rifles. These French soldiers represent dark figures with no faces that are facing us. They represent non-humans due to the lack of emotions they have towards killing these
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