Francisco Bizarro's Accomplishments

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“Prepare your hearts as a fortress, for there will be no other.” Francisco Pizarro was a very successful explorer. He had conquered new places, and discovered new things. Because of Pizarro's determination, he was able to complete the things he wanted to and contribute majorly to changes he had wished to see. He certainly was someone that people would know to remember. His achievements were so impressive, like his explorations, that today he is looked at and known for the great things he had discovered and done. Francisco Pizarro had not gotten where he was without trying. He had to work his way up and learn lots of new things in order to get where he had been. Francisco first started out as what was an ordinary farmer, for his times, and was not satisfied. He had a desire for joining the army, so he did. Francisco admired traits of a soldier and worked his best to obtain traits such as bravery, trust, and more. After mastering such things in the army, Francisco moved on to becoming an explorer and conqueror. As an explorer, Francisco’s days were busy. He traveled all over the world in search for new discoveries or to conquer new places. Francisco Pizarro was born in 1471 in Trujillo, Cáceres, Spain which was an…show more content…
He chose to not stop trying, but to keep going. Without him and his willpower, things back then and today would be different. Without Francisco, the Third expedition to Tumbes would of never been possible. It was Francisco who allowed the men to have one last chance. Along with things back in the early 1500’s being different without Pizarro, things today would also be different if he had not existed. Although Balboa was with Pizarro while discovering the Pacific Ocean, Pizarro may of done key things to get the men where they were, and without him they may not have gotten to their discovery. If it was not for Pizarro and the type of person he was, many things and places would not be how they are
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