Francisco Pizarro: Historic Narrative

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Francisco Pizarro
Historic Narrative.

Exposition= I am Francisco Pizarro & I am From Spain. I started sailing towards the Inca’s. I was trying to get land for Spain, I wasn’t aiming for the Inca’s at all I was just sailing and I landed in their territory. I was accused for killing the Inca’s and my best friend or partner on my crew Diego Almagro. I mean I did kill the Inca’s but not for fun for an actual reason. The King and Queen told me that whenever I find land I can claim it for Spain. I was with my crew and Diego was captured and we didn’t know who did it so I sent my some of my crew to spy on the inca’s. They found the inca’s territory and they asked their empire about what happened to Diego and he wasn’t giving us any information so
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