Francisco Pizarro's Assassination

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Francisco PIzarro: The Notable Conquistador that Vanquished the Incan Civilization

This famous Spanish explorer passed away on June 26th, 1541, when he was assassinated in Lima, Peru. The cause of his assassination was due to the big disagreement between him and his long time expedition partner, Diego Almagro and how because of this disagreement, he had Almagro killed. This caused many people in the Almagro family to become aggravated of Pizarro’s foolish decision of killing his expedition partner. Years later, on June 26th, 1541, several of Almagro’s followers, whom were led by Almagro’s son, stormed and raided Pizarro’s grand palace in Lima, Peru. Pizarro, being circa the age of 70, remarkably managed to kill 3 people before drawing his

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