Francisco Pizarro's Influence On Latin American History

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Recently a new trend has been spreading throughout grocery stores, Pizarro flavored pizarolls, these are specially made in spain and shipped to Peru where they are considered to be destroying Peruvian cuisine and blamed for the growth in spanish culinary influence in the region. But all jokes aside Francisco Pizarro has performed some of the most horrific acts in South American history, born in Trujillo Spain to a poor mother and little education growing up illiterate. Francisco Pizarro was responsible for the demise of the Incan Empire, he claimed their land for the Spanish. Pizarro was a man of many accomplishments, they may not be good or nice, however they are still accomplishments, such as settling the first spanish settlement in Peru in the year 1532. Without the actions of Francisco Pizarro Spanish influence on South America would not be as strong. Francisco Pizarro performed some terrible acts, but he is still remembered to this day for the influence he had on culture and the spread of…show more content…
Growing up Fransico was illiterate, he spent his time herding his father's pigs and when the tales of the new world came along he became captivated by the opportunity for succes, fortune, and exploration. He . When Pizarro was a young man he heard stories of the Americas and was captivated by a want of adventure a riches. His first expedition was in the year 1510, when he and spanish explorer Alonzo de Ojeda went on a journey to Columbia, the mission had an unsuccessful ending however it proved the trustworthiness of Pizarro. It was these actions in Francisco Pizarro's earl that will later determine the accomplishments in his future
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