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One famous explorer during 1500-1600 was Francisco Vasquez De Coronado. He was one of many explorers from Spain. He resumed his post in Nueva, Galicia. Francisco Vasquez De Coronado was a famous explorer from Spain. He was serving a governor of an important province. He also fought off several indian attacks in the mid-spring in Texas in 1500. Francisco Vasquez De Coronado traveled a lot most of the time. Coronado traveled mostly to find the Seven golden Cities he did everything he could to find them. Missionary Marcos De Miza convinced Mendoza. In 1540 Francisco Vasquez De Coronado thought he found the seven golden cities in Spain, but it was just some buildings painted gold.
Coronado's expedition, his expedition group spent the winter of 1540-1541 in Rio Grande. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado wanted to hurry and get to Mexico fast. So Coronado returned to Mexico in 1542. Coronado
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He was a younger son, and such did not stand inherit the family title or estate. As such, he decided to seek his fortune in the new world. In 1535 he traveled to New Spain with Antonio de Mendoza. The Spanish viceroy, whom his family has ties with his father's service.
By 1540 reports brought back from explorations made by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca confirmed Francisco that he was able to go search for the seven golden cities again and Francisco Vasquez de Coronado could go anytime he wanted to. So Coronado would lead and some of 300 Spaniards and more than 1,000 indians, along with many horses, pigs, sheeps and cattle.
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was seeking in his expedition of 1540-1542. Within a year after his arrival, Coronado married Beatriz, the young daughter of Alonso de Estrada, formal colonial treasure. The match earned him one of the largest estates in New Spain. In 1537, Coronado gained Mendozas approval by successfully putting down rebellions by black slaves and indians working in the

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