Franco Bravez Character Analysis

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1A. Although the life of a soccer player may seem easy, the road to get there is often marked by pain, poverty, and sacrifice.

2A. Body 1. Pain A. Luca Modric dodged gernades when he was five on the soccer field. B. Carlos Tevez was agonizingly tormented by boiling water from his father. C. Steven Penare’s mother forced him to watch tv from the ground because she was concerned a stray bullet might hit him if he was sitting on the couch. D. Jaco Blaszczykowski’s dad stabbed his mom after being sentcenced to 15 years in prison

2. Poverty A. Dani Alves slept on a concrete floor and got up at 5 to help his father in the field. B. Sammy Kuffor’s dad forced his son to sell drugs for the family. C. Sergio Aguero’s

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