Francois Voltaire's Philosophy Of The Age Of Enlightenment

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Francois Voltaire, a French philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment, a time where there was a monarchy in France. His outspoken nature to social, economic and liberal changes made him one of the greatest philosophers in France during the course French Revolution. Voltaire and other philosophers’ works were archetypes of our modern uncensored journalism. It also supported the right of freedom of speech which is in the constitution of many democratic countries in the world. The article gives information on Voltaire’s background, what he stood for and in his philosophical works and his inspiration behind it. The body of the article is well structured as it gives background information of Voltaire such as he was lectured by Jesuits in College…show more content…
However, like many great people, their good deeds shadow their bad deeds. The article is a collection of what philosophy was about and also shows the pros and cons of his thoughts of Enlightenment. The body tries to balance the contrasting elements in Voltaire’s philosophy in contrast, source 2 which only focuses on Voltaire’s originality. For example the source (3) mentions how he enlightened many about the feudal system that oppressed them, and how there should be more interest in the people rather than the monarchy. The author of the source further cites a contrasting view by mentioning that Voltaire believed that the black race was inferior to the white race. This emphasises Voltaire’s contrasting ideas in scientific socialism and political socialism. This source differs from others as it also features elements of his last questionable words before his inevitable death and how it was unrecognised by the Catholic Church by denying him a proper burial. In the source, he has mentioned to have supported ideas of anti-Semitism and
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