Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars

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Frank Beddor’s book The Looking Glass Wars is another version of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. In this retelling of the story, Alyss is a princess in the queendom of Wonderland. Her Aunt Redd takes over the throne as Queen Alyss is cast out of Wonderland and has to find her way home to retake her throne. In this book there are many themes evident. One is making sacrifices for the good of others. It is shown through the characters Genevieve Heart, Hatter Madigan, and Alyss Heart. Genevieve Heart is the Queen of Wonderland. When Redd stages an attack against the queendom, Genevieve takes Alyss and Hatter to her room and gives Hatter instructions on how to keep Alyss safe. Alyss says,”I want to stay with you(pg 66).” They then jump into the looking glass right as Redd shows up and “Genevieve smashed the the glass with her scepter…(pg 66)”. Genevieve sacrifices her life to save her daughter, the future queen of Wonderland and Hatter. Hatter Madigan also sacrifices many years of his life to obey the orders of the former queen, Genevieve to protect her daughter. Genevieve told Hatter, “You have to keep the princess safe until she 's old enough to rule. She 's the only hope Wonderland has to survive. Promise me.’ Hatter bowed his head. His life 's mission was to protect the queen (pg…show more content…
Alyss Heart also makes sacrifices for the good of the queendom. Alyss heads to fight Redd and she says to Redd,”I 've finished running from you, Redd. It 's time for you to run (pg 318)” Alyss sacrifices herself to save her people even though she may win the battle she still would have sacrificed her life for those she loved. Alyss also let go of Wonderland while she was in London. She let herself stop believing for herself but also so her family is not known as the family with the mental girl. She also did it to make her mother happy. “No more. Erase it all. I will no longer be Odd Alice. Odd Alice must die (pg 149).” Alyss made her mother and sisters happy for giving up
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