Frank Lloyd Wright: The Design Language

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According to the Oxford dictionary, language is the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. To me, the design language is the way designers translate their thoughts visually. Like language, the design language also has the process of inheritance and evolution.

The importance of designing language

It is undeniable that many designers have the same or similar inspiration, for architects and interior designers, they even use the same material. But we can still distinguish the different styles of the different designers, and I think the reason is that their design language is different.

One of the greatest American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright significantly influenced by Japanese art. In his autobiography, he mentioned if there is no The Book of Tea written by Okakura Kakuz or Hiroshige Ando’s woodblock print, there would not have been his works. Frank Lloyd Wright said “I found in Japan, not the inspiration which everybody thinks I found. What happened to me was a great confirmation of the feeling I had and work I had myself done before I got there.” If we carefully search for those traces left by Japanese culture in his works, we can
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The first step in the design is to organize these sources into their own clues. The design style of Frank Lloyd Wright, which we discussed before, has changed greatly, and these changes came from his contact with Japanese culture. The early works of Frank Wright Lloyd were not apart from the mainstream, is a typical American colonial style. Continuity of space has not been understood, at least not reflected in his early works. After 1890, he was exposed to the Japanese woodblock print for the first time, he understood the consciousness for spatial depth and the spatial continuity. This theory became one of the founders of the twentieth Century modernist
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