Frank Luke: A True Hero

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Frank Luke was a world war 1 and 2 as a pilot his name was Balloon Buster shooting down 14 balloons and 4 airplanes with a score of 18 coming in second Frank Luke was born in Phoenix, Arizona with German immigrant parents also Frank Luke was the first airman to get the Medal of Honor. Befor he was famous he He enrolled in Army flight training, graduated in January of 1918, and immediately shipped off to France. Frank Luke served in the world war 1 also 2 as Army flight, he end up dieing mystery until he did not come back from one of his missions. He was called the balloon buster because he shot down 14 balloons. Frank Luke had many challenges he had to faced liked, “He was killed near Mureaux, France by enemy soldiers when he refused to surrender and tried to hold them off with a pistol.” Also, “Winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, America's second ranking ace in World War One, Frank Luke epitomized the reckless, undisciplined, loner image of a fighter pilot. He went after the toughest targets, heavily defended German observation balloons.”…show more content…
He possessed a unique combination of shyness and aggression, plus an honest dislike for excessive discipline. But not one ever questioned his courage in the air as his career increased in brilliance. In any other branch of service, he would have been unhappy. In the Aviation Section he found expression in the freedom of flight.” I got this from He is a brave

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