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Throughout my research on Frank McCourt, I learned a lot about what his life was like after he moved to New York City. Throughout this paper I talk a lot about the first school he worked at, McKee Vocational and Technical School. In an interview conducted with PBS, McCourt talks a lot about his experiences as a teacher. In my paper I talk about McCourt taking over for a teacher named Mrs. Mudd. In the interview he talks about how Mrs. Mudd was so done with her students she asked McCourt if he wanted to take over her job. (Only A Teacher, n.d.). This was important to add to my paper because this is how McCourt got his first teaching job. In the interview they also talk about how Mrs. Mudd left McCourt with old newspapers back from the war. For one of the first activities he told his students to read the newspapers. He talks about how all the students were so excited because they were finding articles about their family members in the war and he felt like the students were very engaged and excited. (Only A Teacher, n.d.) I thought this was important to add to my paper because he felt like he connected to the students. One of McCourts worries was that the students would not be interested in what he has to teach, in reality they were really excited about it. In an interview conducted by Academy of Achievements, McCourt talks…show more content…
In The Journey of an Ordinary Teacher interview McCourt talks about always wanting to write a book on his life. In the interview he talks about always trying to start writing the book, but he just could not do it, but he knew that one day he would write a book. (Frank McCourt: The Journey of an Ordinary Teacher , 2012). The scene I incorporated this into was when Frank went to the park and was trying to write about his life. He was having a hard time and I wanted to depict it in my deleted scene. I thought that it tells you a lot about McCourt and how it took him a long time to write the book, but once he was ready to write, the book was

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