Frank Miller's Use Of Religion In High Noon

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Throughout High Noon Religion is present with the sounds of the church bells ringing as the three men part of Frank Millers crew ride into town. The church choir is heard throughout almost the whole movie. Also while the three men ride through town a woman makes the sign of the cross as the men pass her (High Noon, 1952). This opening scene can be interpreted as God being needed and called upon because of the presence of something that is evil and extra help will be needed. The church choir that can be heard could also be interpreted as Gods presence through the movie. An instance of religion being unimportant in the movie except when needed and convenient comes up at two very crucial points in the film. One when Will is seeking out Sam and the second is when Will goes to the church during Mass just…show more content…
This scene over any others is the most important instance of religion being depicted in the movie. Will goes to church where people should be willing to do what is right and help, but instead they back down and leave will to deal with Frank Miller alone this is an instance where religion is something to be relied upon but instead it lets Will down. There are also two points where religion is used because it is needed and convenient. One with Will asking the church, he himself did not attend or think it important enough to get married in, to help him fight Frank miller. Most interesting the second instance is actually done by the priest and the people attending church these are people that should have had no question as to what the right thing to do was but instead the priest came up with an excuse to not tell the people in the church to go and fight. Clearly religion is not a key plot component in High Noon but it does come about and is used in interesting ways at key points in the
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