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Case study The case study entitled, “The Classroom”, is about a teacher, Frank Oakley, and his struggle to find the proper way to teach his physical science class. Since teaching requires preparation, we look at several different topics. It is important to note what lesson Frank wants the students to learn, however, it is also important to know the time allotted, materials at hand, previous experiences, and an objective. While the lesson is all taught at once, the teacher will focus on these main parts. Before the lesson is planned, Frank must look at what topic and objective he plans to implement. He is teaching the subject of science, and his objective is graphing in the metric system. While the students will use wooden blocks, they will observe linear measurement and fluid displacement. Finally the students will be required to calculate and plot the weight and density. Since Frank has an idea of…show more content…
Frank has the following items: eighteen graduated cylinders, nineteen beakers, eighteen rulers, twenty-three sets of wooden blocks, sixteen sets of colored pencils, and ten scales. Frank’s biggest worry is the shortage of colored pencils and scales, but he really wants every student to get hands-on experiences. While Frank has plenty of select materials, he is worried about his current lab set up, but he believes he can manage. Frank has almost a full lesson planned, but he has to relate to his past experiences for guidance. When preforming labs, Frank has had difficulty with classroom management, but the problem is easy to solve. Noisy, and uncooperative students make Frank doubt the technique of using partners. Without success, Frank’s past two attempts of the lab need change. The first attempt separated the activity into stations, but this idea failed severely. While the second attempt required the students to do one process, a period seemed to work on paper, it was a recipe for

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