Frank Pavone's Argument Against Abortion

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Anywhere you go there will be rules against murder. It is a general belief that murder is wrong and cruel. Yet there are some people that say abortion should be legal. To kill a person before they have a chance to live or before they get the chance to see all of the amazing things in life. “If we took a moment of silence for each person lost to abortion, we would be silent for over one-hundred years.” -Frank Pavone. So many people have been murdered before they get a chance to live and I think that it 's well past the time for the numbers to stop going up. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy mostly performed within the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy. The problem with this is that by the third week of being pregnant…show more content…
People that believe in pro-choice make some interesting points. One of these points is that it 's the mother 's individual right to decide whether or not she gets an abortion. Another one is that when the mother gets the abortion it 's not a person that they are killing, it 's just a clump of cells. They also say that in cases of rape or a thirteen year old getting pregnant they should be able to get an abortion so they are free to live their lives without this “complication” ( I disagree with all of these points. It might be the mother 's individual right to decide if she wants an abortion, but what about the individual rights of the unborn child? People can 't use their own rights to take away the rights of others. When people say that it 's not a person that their killing, just a clump of cells, they are being extremely naive. It might not be a formed human yet, but it will be. From the moment that the baby is conceived it is a person. If a baby isn 't a person then why would somebody get charged with double murder for killing a pregnant woman? It’s because people know that the unborn child is in fact a person. Having a child isn 't a “complication”, that child can change your life in a good way. Maybe it 's not the life you had imagined for yourself but it…show more content…
Therefore, I believe that abortion is murder. There are no special cases, if you get pregnant then you are meant to have that child. Even in cases where the mother is claimed terminal if she goes through with the birth. People can live when they are claimed terminal, it might be a low chance that you survive but wouldn 't you rather take that chance for the sake of your unborn child? Abortion should be illegal whether the woman was raped, got pregnant too young, or just doesn 't want to have a child because you don’t think you 're ready. You can always put the baby up for an adoption so they can go live with a family that will care for them. When you abort your unborn child you are killing a person that is half of you. Do you really want to kill a part of you? Help stop these murders, it 's well past time for these innocent lives to be saved from the cruelty
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