Frank Romero: As The Chicano Art Movement

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Born in 1941 in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, Frank Romero holds a special place amongst the many greats of the Hispanic community of the United States. Of Mexican heritage, Romero expressed an early aspiration for the work of art and was inspired to take the path towards becoming one of the most influential, instrumental and renowned artists of his time. Romero was closely attached to his rich Hispanic heritage and gained much inspiration from his culture and his surroundings of Los Angeles, a city bustling with millions of diverse, culture-rich backgrounds. As a painter and muralist, Romero was profoundly influenced by the Chicano population of Los Angeles in which he spent most of his lifetime living as a part of. His passion for art quickly…show more content…
The group, originally consisting of the late Carlos Almaraz, Frank Romero, Robert de la Rocha, and Gilbert Lujan who then welcomed Judithe Hernandez as a fifth member, made their mark in history as they sought to transpire a new era of art. Los Four, a name wisely coined by Romero, crafted wonderful murals all throughout Los Angeles that captivated the attentions of the millions living in the city and brought Chicano Art to the center stage of the Los Angeles art community. The group was a huge sensation and success in that it rightfully represented and spread the vibrant Chicano style of art that Romero and his colleagues had developed a deep passion for throughout the years. The group with which Romero served numerous years with saw him rise to the occasion to national and worldwide glory numerous times as their works were displayed at galleries all throughout the nation. Most notably, with Los Four, Romero made national headlines with the group’s breakthrough exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) being the nation’s first-ever showing of Chicano art at a major art institution. The event set off the Chicano movement and it took off like a rocket as it gained…show more content…
The Los Angeles native is still inspired by his surrounding influences and continues to create art that reflects his surrounding environments. With his old days as a Chicano muralist and artist now behind him, Romero is immersed in a peaceful life filled with joy, inspiration, and motivation. As a member of Los Four and as a solo artist, some of his most famous works can still be seen throughout the bustling streets of Los Angeles, while others are immortalized in museums and art institutions worldwide, including some held at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and several others on the campuses of universities renowned for their art such as the University of California-Irvine and Los Angeles and California State University. One of his most popular works, the “Going to the Olympics” mural located near a Los Angeles freeway cemented his place in history as one of the greats. Romero, a great, is an immortal and highly inspirational figure that has left behind a massive impact on his surroundings and has contributed much to the world of art. His legacy lives on as he has gained much appreciation for his unique perception and creation of
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