Frank Romero's 'Going To The Olympics'

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Based on the mural image "Going to the Olympics" by Frank Romero 's he was paid to create a work of art in the Los Angles free way. In my opinion I think its a work of art because this is a mural image and the time it and pride it took makes it a work of art.The time and the paint it must have taken to make this image its very impressive. I can see the culture and creativity they are trying to show. They graffiti in LA show what Los Angeles is all about and based on my personal experience each time I go to LA I know its a place to have fun.

What Frank Romero feels about the cars in Los Angeles is pride. He wants to demonstrate what Los Angeles is all about and what experiences you can have when your there. Based on the color in this image it shows peace in Los Angeles and freedom. The harts in the image show peace the view in the back ground is a sun set which for me looks like a place to be free and just joy.
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He is suing the Caltrans for painting over a mural he created in the Hollywood Freeway downtown in 1984 Olympics. He has painted more than 15 murals in Los Angeles also studied in Otis art institute. Government agencies toward restoring murals say that they are running educational programs. The people also think that the murals cost lots of money to create. In my opinion I think it was wrong to paint over the mural that Frank Romero had made. The reason why is because he took lots of time into it and was proud of his art
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