Frank Sinatra Research Paper

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Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. His parents were Italian immigrants Natalina Della and Saverio Antonino Martino Sinatra. Sinatra 's mother was often called “Hatpin Dolly,” and was well known for her fiery volatile Ligurian personality, according to Frank had a decent childhood, due to Saverio 's job as a firefighter. He was also a Sicilian boxer and bar owner. Frank Sinatra decided at a young age that he wanted to work hard and get ahead in life ( It wasn 't until after seeing Bing Crosby perform that he decided he wanted to become a singer. Frank Sinatra 's career started when his mother was able to get him into the band The Three Flashes. The band then started playing at the…show more content…
Now, not only was Frank Sinatra one of the best singers, but also one of America 's top actors. As stated by Lifetimetv, "at one point, it was estimated that [Sinatra] had over 40 million fans!" His popularity was proved when around 35,000 fans nearly started a riot at one of his concerts, this later became known as the Columbus Day Riot ( Frank Sinatra started co-starring in movies with Gene Kelly, starting in 1945. By 1946, Sinatra starred in around forty-five shows a month. Even Sinatra himself noticed his popularity fading in 1948, when he only reached number 5 on Down Beat 's annual poll of the most popular singers. He tried new singing styles, such as gospel, but they were not as successful as he had hoped. This period of fading ended when he co-starred with Gene Kelly in 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game ' and 'On The Town. ' In further efforts to regain popularity, Sinatra returned to the concert stage. An impressive $18,000 worth of tickets were sold for just two nights of performing. Unfortunately,his schedule was too overwhelming for his vocal chords and hemorrhaging occurred. Starting in 1951, Sinatra 's popularity was once again beginning to fade, especially amongst his teenage audience, even though he still produced a few hits during
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