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“You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.” - Maya Angelou. Creativity can never leave once it is used, it just stays to create more inspiration. Frank Stella was born on May 12, 1936 in Malden Massachusetts. He was an influential figure in the field of abstract art from the 1960s through the 1990s. Frank Stella created many sets of abstract paintings that viewed symmetry and colors in a new way, as well as making a new solution to blank space around the edge of the canvas. He also influenced others to be more thoughtful and experimental with the art they create. (Weisbalt, 2003) Mr. Stella created many sets of paintings, improving his skill and trying something new with each one. His first major set of painere his…show more content…
The problem of blank space was solved with his shaped canvases. When Stella cut the canvases to take off the blank space on his paintings, other people saw the idea and applied it to their own artwork to get rid of any white space. He also proved that symmetry was not needed for art to make sense. Mr. Stella used colors to lower the use of symmetry on his artwork, though he did not rid his art of symmetry altogether. Other artists saw this and some started using less symmetry too, which made the field of abstract art grow in numbers. Frank Stella had to think outside the box to make his ideas work, and he inspired many people by doing so. The field of abstract might have never grown so large without Stella’s ideas to inspire others to try abstract art themselves. (Weisbalt,…show more content…
By creating his art, Mr. Stella also inspired others to explore the field of abstract art or just the field of art in general. He made an approach to art that most people had never even seen before, and he took a risk by taking such a different approach on his artwork. Stella had no comprehension of how the world would react to his new ideas, so by following through with them he risked being hated by people who did not understand his outlook on art. Luckily, the paintings he made received a positive response from society, and he was able to get many people interested in art, even if they had never really explored it before. They were all inspired by his unique use of colors and symmetry, and other artists went on to use his ideas on their own work. Frank Stella inspired many people to pursue art, and the field of art might not be as populated as it is now without his influence on the world. (Weisbalt,

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