Frank Trippett's 'A Red Light For Scofflaws'

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Does upholstering the law count as arsony? In Frank Trippett’s article, ‘A Red Light for Scofflaws’, he speaks openly about how social construct will collapse in itself when normal law abiding citizens begin to break laws without any means to. In layman 's terms, they break the law without thinking much of it. He does not provide much evidence when clearly the evidence is already laid out in plain sight, examples like Ferguson or the San Bernardino shootings are becoming more common in lives and are somehow beginning to become normal to americans. Yet the author, thankfully, uses an angry, direct tone with his most likely political audience. Of course there will be many who will not agree with Trippett. They might say, “Oh it’s not that bad,…show more content…
Where an african american child was shot and killed, only, he did nothing wrong. Even if it was a small mistake, this caused uproar and outrage. The citizens of Ferguson started mobs and burned down shops, while the police fended them off as well as they could, but there was not much government intervention, which is why without a doubt, this kind of outrage may start again in another town. But, from small towns to big cities, the issue spreads. In San Bernardino, two people massacred coworkers at a party and fled the scene, even if the police did their best, people were still upset that this happened, which is totally understandable. But if attacks like this keep happening, it could start happening more, and more, and spread to bigger cities across this once great nation. Which has been polluted with political filth like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Pathetic. But, point being if these situations are not halted immediately, then only more angst and anger will boil till the point of simmering off and burst into violent outrage.
To sum it all up, there needs to be better Policeman, better raid stopping equipment, and a larger prevention force. This may not be done so easily as most of it will have to happen one step at a time, and it is only in human nature to be a little, above other people, which is why many cops get a self inflated ego. But again, it’s not their fault. Frank Trippett argued his
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