Frank Trippett's Arguments On Breaking The Law

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Many Americans break the laws of California and other states everyday. Frank Trippetts argument is that many people who say that they do not break the law are actually breaking in a way that no one can find out about.Frank Trippett supports his claim by showing examples of different ways of breaking the law.
I disagree with the author's argument because it is unrealistic to not pay your taxes with the code that is given to the United States government, people polluting the world with loud noise, or speeding down the highway. Some people who disagree with his views will say that it is okay to break the law if no one sees it or hears about about it. The counterargument is that when someone is speeding down the highway it is the cops job to go after the person who is speeding. An example would be if someone is driving on a 45 mile per hour zone when a car comes barreling past you at a speed of 65-70 miles per hour, and the cop who is waiting right there does not even realize they were going over 20 miles per hour over the speed limit.
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And the music and party itself goes on all night not allowing one little bit of sleep. This is showing an example of how teenagers who do not care about the law or getting in trouble can blare their music all night without a care in the world about other people who are trying to sleep”you're a fool, if you obey the rules”(Frank Trippett). The final example is About the tax code. It is a code that allows the United States government to look at the people who have not paid their taxes and fine them money for not paying them when they were due. An example is someone who tries to secretly not pay their taxes and risk getting thrown into jail or fined” more and more ordinary citizens are becoming scofflaws[people who casually break the laws]”(Frank Trippett). Overall I do not agree with the author's
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